Capturing the memories of your family is special to me.

21 DreamS Photography's focus is to capture each person's individual personality, ability and accomplishments in every photo. 

While I have this focus for every client I photograph, an area I feel very passionate about is capturing memories for families of children with special needs. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. 

I feel emotionally and spiritually guided to combine my extensive background in education and my experience parenting a child with special needs with my craft and talent in capturing extraordinary images of families who have a member facing developmental or medical challenges. 

I firmly believe that a key factor in helping our culture as a whole become more accepting and inclusive of those with any type of special need (or of anything that doesn’t follow the “norm”) is awareness...awareness to the fact that we are all special in God's eyes...that we are all so much more alike than we are different.  

I feel that one way I can help provide awareness for people with special needs to the public is through inspiring photographs that show their incredible beauty, abilities, personalities and awesomeness. 

I know it can be a challenge for families of children with special needs to feel comfortable and able to get photographs that encompass all of the wonderful memories they want to treasure.  I am dedicated to taking the extra time and patience needed in order for these families to not only capture beautiful photographs, but to have a fun and memorable experience.  I take the extra steps needed by having a “Meet the Family” session prior to photographing your child/family and learning how I can best accommodate your child’s and family’s needs.

I hope you will consider allowing me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family.  Please let me know if your session needs some extra support.